Politically I list to the left. In my imagery I explores the clash of my political leanings with my observations of the psychological, the pathological, the forbidden, and the underbelly of society. Black humor is an important aspect of my work. The self-conscious laughter that is experienced when we are made to feel uncomfortable by tragic circumstances. My work evolves out of many influences. I find obscure third page headlines from the daily news, small stories that are crammed between the margins of advertisements. Conversations overheard in my day to day life creep into my imagery as visual statements. My reading habits contribute to my imagery, everything from gothic romance novels, to treatises about existentialism become grist for my imagery mill.

I am a weaver of visual stories whether I am tackling the issues of feminism, war violence or prejeduice. Sometimes, my stories are direct observations, but more often than not the stories are an attempt to synthesize the many different influences in my work. Themes of redemption, beauty, destruction, refuge and relationships between the physical and emotional world weave in and out of my narrative imagery. My visual narratives cannot be explained with words, as they do not follow a straight trajectory of beginning, middle and end. Fiction writers often talk about their characters as revealing themselves during the writing process. My images arise from a stream of consciousness, instinctively and very quickly. In the process of recording these images, I find myself taking direction from the characters that I have created in my imagery.

I experiment and use many different types of media especially in my more political work. I enjoy thinking of myself as a conceptualist as defined by Sol Lewiit. The quote attributed to him, that I keep as a mantra when thinking about what media to use, goes something like this: "I am a conceptualist, in that I match the media to the concept to produce my imagery." For myself, this has meant, oil painting, egg tempera, drawing, sculpture, video and robotic installation and performance.

The matchmaking between the imagery and the media is an intuitive process. An image meant for a drawing is a finished piece of work and not a preliminary study for an oil painting. There are times when I have finished a piece but the narrative has not ended. The work will then progress to a series. Or sometimes, they will develop into other media such as: my oil paintings, become inspirations for my small sculptural boxes or sometimes my drawings become the inspiration for installations. I can never predict where the journey will take me.